The New Me

This is what I shall be creating this year- this is what has been lacking. Breaking through the fear to be me.

Striding forwards as Ns mother- protecting him nurturing him growing him. Protecting respecting and treasuring all of my family, life does not last forever and when it is gone it goes somewhere intangible I need to make sure that I hold on to those around me whilst I can.

I need to be fitter and finer this year, not fatter.

I need to declutter- have only what I need.

Barging past the hostile parents on the school playground- working out their issues don’t have to be mine. Other people’s issues don’t have to be mine. Yes I will protect my son from bullies, be they parent or child, but to protect myself from them I need to rise above the others. It is a lesson to be learned and applied everywhere.



Different Dream Parenting


When we started the road to parenthood by adoption- we knew depsite what the papers said that these children don’t come into care because they are cute and cuddly-and social engineering wants them to go to nice middle class homes.

The reality of adopted children is very different-at least here in the UK, abuse neglect starvation relinquishment abandonment- the reasons children are placed for adoption are not cute-and those reasons they leave their mark. We knew the reality- but when we were parenting the child we didn’t know how to move on to the next step. What now sprang to mind as the problems that were our son’s legacy started to pile out.

That what now feeling is what this book is trying to help with- I think. A practical Handbook of what to do- they tell you what to expect when you are expecting-what to expect in the baby years or the toddler years, but this book offers a clear practical guide of what to do when you don’t know what to expect.

The key is religious- have faith in God-take comfort from scripture- both of which we do-and set about finding the ways to best support your child-using prayer- knowledge that you find out-a good working relationships with the professionals and having faith that it will be OK.

There are tips about how to go about doing that. I like the book, but the focus is on medical care-and actually people like me find we need more than that- I like what the book is trying to offer-and I think for a parent with a child with special needs who has or can accept faith it is a good starting point- but it is a starting point-that said we all have to start somewhere and many of us had no idea where to start so I am sure this book will appeal to quite a few people. Too me the book lacked depth maybe because it was trying to help too many parents.

So I said I wanted to sew something for me and I have…

The pictures are to follow- but for now I have given up on spring and gone back to sewing something for me in a winter weight!

I was really lucky to be able to review an e-book version of A Skirt A Day- and I shall post a picture of the skirt I made when my sore finger stops dripping the red stuff! I loved how my skirt turned out- and it did so because of the instructions of the book. I wasn’t sure flicking through the book which styles would suit me- but then I realised I just needed to tweak colours and take out pockets- anyway I think you will like it when you see it!

This is a really good book- the instructions on drafting a skirt block are very clear-and everything is explained really well. When it comes to drafting a pattern and designing a skirt I think this book has some of the clearest instructions I have seen with some great tips. I would go so far as to say it is the best book I have seen on this subject and I have seen a few and own a couple. If you were wanting to take a first step in to design and drafting I would suggest this book.
The styles demonstrated for each day and each style of skirt can be adapted to fit the styles that are currently on the catwalk or on the high street, tweak small details like colour fabrics and pockets and you can make the styles your very own.
I will certainly buy a real book copy of this book- because it will be handy to be able to flick between different chapters and instructions- that said each skirt sits in their own chapter and can be made up from that.

Show Me a Story

The Stay at Home Kid is coming to terms with reading and writing and maths- he is surprising me with his maths,  but also with his story telling.

I recently bought the book Show Me A Story and this has been a big hit he now performs puppet shows for the dog and tells tales to all of his friends. The book is really well laid out with a range of activities for a range of enthusiasms as well as age groups. The story tiles have helped with his word recognition, and he has realized the link between thinking up a story and recording it, so the random scripting is evolving into recognizeable words and his story talents are really coming along. I have to admit this is an area as a Home Educator that I was worried he would miss out on. How do you teach story telling and writing. Actually I think the two are more linked than that last sentence suggests, and it was the desire to record stories that is driving him to learn words. It does help that a dear friend is a published author-and that has impressed the Stay at Home Kid.

I showed the book to a friend of mine and she bought several copies for her daughter’s  friends as gifts.

The book is worth a read if you are willing to support creative play- you probably have to be in the background and able to start the activities up especially for younger children- but as the kids get older and their reading skills improve, they may well be able to self motivate themselves to use the book.

I have been creating

I have sewn a skirt-pictures to follow, I have dipped into Lebanese cooking simply because I have always loved Lebanese food. I have painted stuck printed and stamped all of this since I started this blog.

The idea of the blog was to get me started again. I used to be a papercrafter, I used to make cards-some were pretty OK, I sold some gifted them and for a while I even dabbled in Stampin Up! I started to sew though when we adopted our little boy- he would accept nothing from me, this walking talking little guy, he had learned to survive for himself before most kids have been weaned and he wasn’t about to let me take over his self survival strategies. He wouldn’t cry in pain, he wouldn’t let me hold him or comfort him, he wouldn’t let me get in the way of him looking after himself.

But what he would let me do was make him stuff- toys mostly, and so I sewed, I made a quilt and a stuffed toy and mittens, I made trousers and a bear and a coat. I sewed and what I sewed for him he accepted. The den, the bean bag the baskets for his toys. He trusted the gifts even if he didn’t yet trust me-and he watched me make them and I think in his own way he understood what I was trying to say. And I knitted, and again he accepted these offerings shabby as they were. But he hasn’t always been an easy child to parent-and other stuff has been going on-and somehow the crafting drifted as I got through to him on other ways, the need to make him stuff lessened.

But what I realized tonight, emailing a friend was that I have been creating. I have taken a child who initially wouldn’t even let me touch him without flinching away and I have a son who wont go to sleep unless I am there stroking him. I have patiently waited whilst he expressed his anger and his fear and his rage, whilst he learned to express himself. Somewhere somehow I have started to create a boy who no longer shuts off his feeling but feels them- and I watch his progress I have been creating a life for a child where he stands a chance of reaching some pretty awesome potential and I have been helped by the power of craft, my escape my refuge my bit of control-my I did that moment time after time gave me the mental strength to handle my son and that has given him the chance to be something not even his psychiatrist thought he would achieve.

So maybe the bleakness of no crafting should be reconsidered as a crafting act of greatness. I have a child who is not only dearly loved but now can actually love.

Now is the time to do it

I have thought about starting this for a long time- and the time is now.
My goal this up and coming year is to unleash the creativity I am too scared to let others see in me. Results wont be perfect, but they will be mine, and they will improve as I let my talents and creative side grow.

So what do I create?

Food-  I would rather make it than buy something a factory has made

Sewing- I enjoy this and there are so many things that need to be made, for my family, for my home for me

Knit and Crochet- Have you ever had the feeling a craft is in your blood? This is true for me, it isn’t my favourite but I have a desire to do it.

Papercraft- This has fallen by the wayside somewhat but whenever I need to return to it, I am reminded how much I enjoy it

Kids Crafting-well I am a mum I need a few craft ideas up my sleeve

Photography- I wont put family shots up on here for now, but I am aiming to capture the moment in my photos this year- so watch out for them.

There are many crafts I have tried and want to try, and you may see some of them on here as we go. This up and coming year I aim to craft a lot for the home to make it ours, and one thing I shall be trying is making and revamping some furniture.