I have thought about starting this for a long time- and the time is now.
My goal this up and coming year is to unleash the creativity I am too scared to let others see in me. Results wont be perfect, but they will be mine, and they will improve as I let my talents and creative side grow.

So what do I create?

Food-  I would rather make it than buy something a factory has made

Sewing- I enjoy this and there are so many things that need to be made, for my family, for my home for me

Knit and Crochet- Have you ever had the feeling a craft is in your blood? This is true for me, it isn’t my favourite but I have a desire to do it.

Papercraft- This has fallen by the wayside somewhat but whenever I need to return to it, I am reminded how much I enjoy it

Kids Crafting-well I am a mum I need a few craft ideas up my sleeve

Photography- I wont put family shots up on here for now, but I am aiming to capture the moment in my photos this year- so watch out for them.

There are many crafts I have tried and want to try, and you may see some of them on here as we go. This up and coming year I aim to craft a lot for the home to make it ours, and one thing I shall be trying is making and revamping some furniture.