The Stay at Home Kid is coming to terms with reading and writing and maths- he is surprising me with his maths,  but also with his story telling.

I recently bought the book Show Me A Story and this has been a big hit he now performs puppet shows for the dog and tells tales to all of his friends. The book is really well laid out with a range of activities for a range of enthusiasms as well as age groups. The story tiles have helped with his word recognition, and he has realized the link between thinking up a story and recording it, so the random scripting is evolving into recognizeable words and his story talents are really coming along. I have to admit this is an area as a Home Educator that I was worried he would miss out on. How do you teach story telling and writing. Actually I think the two are more linked than that last sentence suggests, and it was the desire to record stories that is driving him to learn words. It does help that a dear friend is a published author-and that has impressed the Stay at Home Kid.

I showed the book to a friend of mine and she bought several copies for her daughter’s  friends as gifts.

The book is worth a read if you are willing to support creative play- you probably have to be in the background and able to start the activities up especially for younger children- but as the kids get older and their reading skills improve, they may well be able to self motivate themselves to use the book.