The pictures are to follow- but for now I have given up on spring and gone back to sewing something for me in a winter weight!

I was really lucky to be able to review an e-book version of A Skirt A Day- and I shall post a picture of the skirt I made when my sore finger stops dripping the red stuff! I loved how my skirt turned out- and it did so because of the instructions of the book. I wasn’t sure flicking through the book which styles would suit me- but then I realised I just needed to tweak colours and take out pockets- anyway I think you will like it when you see it!

This is a really good book- the instructions on drafting a skirt block are very clear-and everything is explained really well. When it comes to drafting a pattern and designing a skirt I think this book has some of the clearest instructions I have seen with some great tips. I would go so far as to say it is the best book I have seen on this subject and I have seen a few and own a couple. If you were wanting to take a first step in to design and drafting I would suggest this book.
The styles demonstrated for each day and each style of skirt can be adapted to fit the styles that are currently on the catwalk or on the high street, tweak small details like colour fabrics and pockets and you can make the styles your very own.
I will certainly buy a real book copy of this book- because it will be handy to be able to flick between different chapters and instructions- that said each skirt sits in their own chapter and can be made up from that.