When we started the road to parenthood by adoption- we knew depsite what the papers said that these children don’t come into care because they are cute and cuddly-and social engineering wants them to go to nice middle class homes.

The reality of adopted children is very different-at least here in the UK, abuse neglect starvation relinquishment abandonment- the reasons children are placed for adoption are not cute-and those reasons they leave their mark. We knew the reality- but when we were parenting the child we didn’t know how to move on to the next step. What now sprang to mind as the problems that were our son’s legacy started to pile out.

That what now feeling is what this book is trying to help with- I think. A practical Handbook of what to do- they tell you what to expect when you are expecting-what to expect in the baby years or the toddler years, but this book offers a clear practical guide of what to do when you don’t know what to expect.

The key is religious- have faith in God-take comfort from scripture- both of which we do-and set about finding the ways to best support your child-using prayer- knowledge that you find out-a good working relationships with the professionals and having faith that it will be OK.

There are tips about how to go about doing that. I like the book, but the focus is on medical care-and actually people like me find we need more than that- I like what the book is trying to offer-and I think for a parent with a child with special needs who has or can accept faith it is a good starting point- but it is a starting point-that said we all have to start somewhere and many of us had no idea where to start so I am sure this book will appeal to quite a few people. Too me the book lacked depth maybe because it was trying to help too many parents.